We are proud to introduce our ambassadors of North Bend; Anna Mellberg and Marcus Fredriksson. They’re hardworking, love a healthy lifestyle and have a great passion for training. They share their passion and everyday life on their blogs and instagramaccounts together with motivation and tasty recipes. Get to know them better and read our interview with them and take a look at their blogs and Instagram!

Anna Mellberg

Anna is a certified diet and training consultant whose training philosophy is to have balance between food and fun, varied workouts.
Through her blog you can read about training, tips and meals. She will inspire you in your training and as a licensed running coach she gives useful tips when it comes to running and how you can succeed. Texts which motivates you are mixed with meal ideas and her new challenges.

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Marcus Fredriksson

Marcus have a three year history in the junior cross-country ski team, and have competed in the World Championships. He is as well competing in roller skiing where he has two medals in the World Championship, this year will be the third time he is participating. He is aiming to become an elite cross-country skier, through his blog and Instagram you can follow his journey with hard training around Scandinavia and Europe.

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In our interview

What are the best characteristics of North Bend clothing in your opinion?

Anna: The comfort is number one, the clothing of North Bend fits nicely on the body. A plus is that the clothing have that “little extra”, for example the headset opening in the running jackets. Another positive thing is that all the clothing match each other on one or another way which is rare, the colors are as well very nice compared to other clothing on the market.

Marcus: First of all I think that they are super functional and comfortable for any activity. The quality is also very important, and trust me I have tested these clothes in extreme conditions and they have exceeded my expectations when I compare them to other big brands.

What does it mean to you to be an ambassador for North Bend?

Anna: I am very proud of representing North Bend when the whole concept feels genuine and down-to-earth. The clothing and brand image of the brand sends the same message in terms of feeling and philosophy that I have within training and health. It’s not so much about the surface but more about the feeling, to feel beautiful, strong and alive. This is why it means so much to me to be a part of North Bend.

Marcus: To be an ambassador for North Bend is honorable, I just don’t wear these clothes because I think there nice, I wear them because it is important for my training to have the best gear to succeed. To be an ambassador for North Bend is like getting really fast skis to a race, it improves my results significantly compared with just some average fast skis.

When do you use clothes from North Bend?

Anna: If I got to decide I would use them all the time. As it’s not possible I use them when I am running or going to the gym. But it’s not wrong using the clothing when you’re at home and want to be comfy either. The jackets are so nice that I wear them as soon as I get the chance. So yes, almost all the time.

Marcus: The question is when I don’t use them, I wear them in training, when I change to dry clothes, between training when I rest, at adventures, when I want to look good, I could even use one of those awesome shorts when I sleep. So yes, I use them most of the time because of the wide range of different clothes North bend has to offer.

What is your goal with your training?

Anna: Rigth now I’m traing for ”En svensk klassiker” (Swedish classic circuit) and the first part is “Vansbrosimningen” (open water swimming) and after that “Lidingöloppet” (cross country running). In 2017 my plan is to participate in “Vasaloppet” and “Vätternrundan”. So you could say that I know what I am training for a year ahead. I am as well dreaming about doing a Marathon, but I will do that after the Swedish classics circuit.

Marcus: My goal is to push my limits and to become among the very best in my sport by hard training and focus on the right things.  One day I want to stand at the start line of an Olympic game and feel that I will be fighting for the medals.

Do you have any tips for people who just started, or thinking about starting working out?

Anna: Don’t start too hard, and train what you think is fun. Don’t start training 5 days a week if you haven’t trained in months or years. Also, don’t try to follow trends but find the sort of training which you think is fun to practice. If you find the joy I promise you, your training will be more long-lasting than If you force yourself.

Marcus: Choose a bigger goal with your training and then set smaller goals along your way to see results. I think it is important to do something new and challenge yourself to be able to take the next step in improving your strength and skills. At the same time, it is very important to think about everything around your training as well; you have to eat right, sleep right and taking care of your body by stretching. If you stretch often you can get more mobility in your body witch improves your results and keep you away from unwanted damages.

How did you find your passion for training?

Anna: I have been active my whole life and during eight years I played football. Because of an injury I stopped but then found an interest in the gym, and later in 2008 I found the joy in running. I love to be active and the feeling you get while being active, which is like nothing else. I also think it’s fun with challenges and I see that as my key to the success and passion I have in my training.

Marcus: I have more or less grown up in an environment of sports so the passion has been there for a long time but now when I am growing older the passion is more about challenging myself in my training to develop as an athlete. To find passion I think it is good to have a goal you want to achieve.